Are you ready to Follow A New Path?

I can offer you some new insight or perspective, whether it be big and dramatic or minor but impactful. 

Motivational Coach

Motivating, energetic and inspirational. Eileen will give you tips and tools to look inside and ask yourself pivotal questions about your life and if a new path is right for you.


Dynamic, thought-provoking and charismatic. Whether it’s intense introspection, laughter or tears, Eileen will arouse emotions in you, hopefully only leading to inspiration and action.

Champagne Lover

A connoisseur of cocktails who loves a tipple every so often. Eileen loves her bubbly, especially when sharing with family and friends. If ever you are having a bad day, champagne will always bring out a smile.

Read Articles

Articles to inspire and motivate you. Do not continue to put off life changes you’ve been wanting to make, act now.

My Upcoming Events

Have you ever wanted to completely change your life? Eileen will share details and insights from her journey and outline specific steps, tools, and questions to ask yourself in order to take on radical life changes and pursue new dreams or ambitions. Join her to gain a new perspective, have a few laughs, and maybe find a bit of clarity about the direction you want your life to take. Together let’s explore if you are ready to Follow A New Path. 

I look forward to meeting you soon in a city near you! I promise a relaxed casual atmosphere with others just like yourself pondering if it’s time for change, whatever that may be.

My story

I had a dream career path, eating and drinking my way through the world in two industries: first travel, then wine and spirits. But that day came when it all slipped away, and it felt as if a dark cloud hung over me and the world stood still. In that split second, everything changed: I had no idea what was next, but I knew nothing would ever be the same.

After months of tears, bon-bons, and bottles (80 proof), I decided it was time to do some soul-searching, and I dove into deep reflection and intense contemplation about what direction I wanted my life to take. The questions I was asking myself had some uncomfortable answers, but in reckoning with these questions, I was able to see the clouds parting, making way for a newfound clarity.

Let me help you find clarity and if a New Path is right for you.

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