6 Steps to a Positive and Present Life

Steps to a Positive and Present LifeEvery morning when we wake, we set out with good intentions for a joyous, productive day. But oh, how quickly a minor thing can set us off and ruin our attitude. Maybe our mind begins to focus on the small irritating things. Or ponder incessantly on something or someone from the past. Are you possibly worrying about something way into the future? Are you living here and now, enjoying the present moment? Do not dwell on the past or speculate on the future. When you live in the present, you live life to the fullest. Below are six ways to help you live your true genuine self.

Love YourselfWatch your language

It all starts with our mental chatter. Verbal self-talk may seem insignificant, but it’s anything but. How you mentally talk to yourself impacts your self-esteem and how you view the world. Even the most minor thing; “I look fat in these jeans today.” Keep negative words out of your vocabulary and use positive, uplifting thoughts no matter the situation. Address why you are talking down to yourself. Keep pessimistic, gloomy jargon out of your vernacular.

Steps to a Positive and Present LifeAre you aware?

Step back and observe your thoughts, not just the negative wording. Are you thinking about what is happening in the present moment? Is your mind wandering to the rude cashier at the drugstore or your family member that hurt your feelings? You have a choice to be present here at this exact moment. The past is the past, and the future is promised to no one. Here and now is what matters most. Smell the flowers and feel the ground under your feet.

Lending a Helping HandLend a helping hand

Small things like opening the door for someone or telling a stranger to “Have a nice day!” can make a difference. There is always a person that has it worse than you. Offer the other seat at your table in the crowded coffee shop, or smile at a stranger. Surprisingly that smile will do some good for you too.

Eliminate zappers of energy

Do not allow anyone with a negative outlook to seep into your mindset. Any person in your life who does not encourage or propel you up positively is not worthy of you. We all have “woo is me” people in our lives. While it may be impossible to eliminate those pessimistic people, you can make sure not to chime in or latch onto their negative opinions and views. Remember, unhappiness spreads; do not attach or join in.

Eileen Callahan of Follow A New Path shares 6 steps to leading a positive and present life.

Be grateful 

Once you learn the importance of gratitude, your view on life will blossom. Being thankful for all you have, even the most minor thing, is where life begins. The air we breathe, the clean water we consume, and the bagel which fuels our body are simple things we take for granted. Appreciate the small stuff, not once and a while but every day.

Inner peace may seem unobtainable at times, but that’s not true. We need to seek balance and purpose in our lives, which is not achieved without taking a step back, pausing, and taking a few deep breaths. It’s not easy to stay positive and present in our hectic lives. If you focus on the present, you will feel a peaceful and calming existence, no matter what comes your way.

Eileen Callahan of Chapagne Travels sharing tips for a positive and present life.

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