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My story

My story can be summed up with a cliché and the title of a famous film: everything happens for a reason and An American in Paris.

I had a dream career path, eating and drinking my way through the world in two industries: first travel, then wine and spirits. But that day came when it all slipped away, and it felt as if a dark cloud hung over me and the world stood still. In that split second, everything changed: I had no idea what was next, but I knew nothing would ever be the same. 

After months of tears, bon-bons, and bottles (80 proof), I decided it was time to do some soul-searching, and I dove into deep reflection and intense contemplation about what direction I wanted my life to take. The questions I was asking myself had some uncomfortable answers, but in reckoning with these questions, I was able to see the clouds parting, making way for a newfound clarity. I realized that change was inevitable and the time to act was now.

Within three months of realizing it was time to follow other passions, I sold everything, hopped on a plane to Paris, and left that “perfect” life behind. Looking back, I still cannot comprehend how I got through that stage of my journey, but I do see what a strong, courageous, brave woman I was. When you’re deep in the drama, it can seem like there is no clarity, no right direction or path you should take. You may not always feel confident in yourself, and you may not always have the answers, but forging ahead regardless is where your true power lies. Continuing to believe in myself is what pulled me through the dark clouds, and now I finally see those blue skies. When I look back on those gloomy, dark days, I can recall that strength and naïve confidence that got me through, and this reminder of my tenacity gives me the courage to continue forging ahead. 

Join me, and together we will… Follow a New Path. 

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What can I do for you?

Eileen is a certified coach who has been mentoring, leading and guiding people throughout her career. Whether your issues or desire for change is big or small, I will help you draw out answers to self-limiting beliefs or behaviors that may be holding you back. Together we will empower you in order to gain that personal clarity that is deep within in.

Need advice?

Unable to attend a gathering in a city near you? Eileen is available by Phone or Skype. Please reach out to me by Email and let me know how I can help you move forward to a New Path.

Since venturing onto a New Path, Eileen started project "Champagne Travels". Through social media, new projects and passions were explored. Take a look further into the writings and world exploration of Champagne Travels.

Let me help you find clarity and if a New Path is right for you.