Are you Mindful? 4 Steps to the NOW

Follow A New Path and MindfulnessYour mind might be full, but are you mindful?

We all have a million different things weighing on us every single day. You might have that project deadline, a party to attend, and your dog is ill, a child to care for, a demanding boss, and so on. All these to-dos in life can clog up your mind and keep you from being present. You feel overwhelmed, and your mind is full of everything that needs to be done, thinking of the past or the future but never the NOW. Are you mindful, aware of your thoughts, and feel present in your day-to-day tasks? Check out these 4 steps to the now.

Busy day with work and kidsSimply put, you are mindful when you live in the moment, aware of your thoughts and feelings and the environment around you; you are present in the NOW. Not in the past or future, where you are always in a hurry to go places and do or dwell on things.

It’s only logical…

Now, why am I telling you all this? Well, there is a reason why mindfulness is such a trendy word these days. Practicing it can improve your health and make sure that you live instead of existing. You are enjoying the present moment, here and now. Makes sense? I thought so!

Follow A New Path relaxing with candleligtSo, how do you do it?

Well, there is no one answer. You need to figure out precisely what works for you. I always start with pen and paper. Writing down what bothers you is a significant first step. Write your thoughts and feelings, good and bad. Expressing yourself on paper is cathartic. The answer to your uneasiness or lack of peace may not come immediately, but a few items below will help get you there. First, you must make an effort; I promise it’s worth it!

Check lists for Follow A New PathIt’s Not A Race

Slow down! I am sure you knew this was coming. Don’t you ever feel like you are in an endless and constant race? Well, many people do. And this keeps them from appreciating all that life has to offer in the present. We miss it so much simply because we are always running! Literally and metaphorically. So slow down a bit. Do it consciously. Take some time off and drink coffee while you appreciate the joys of people, places, and things around you. Stop rushing; it is possible.

MeditationMeditation and Breath

We all have heard how powerful the practice of meditation is. It can anchor your mind in the present and teach you the importance of breathing. Eventually, it becomes so natural that you can be mindful on command. How cool is that? So, spend some time meditating every day. Even three minutes help, being present in the moment. You will learn the power of your breath quickly. I love the Headspace app, and if I can get to ten minutes, you can too!

Follow A New Path 4 steps to being MindfulTime To Give Up Multitasking

Every day all of us fast-switch from one task to another. Multitasking overloads your brain and steals your mindfulness. It takes us away from being present. What you need to do instead is focus on one task at a time. And concentrate so intensely that you feel like a monk who has mastered the art of focus! See, touch, and feel deep inside whatever your current task is, and avoid letting your mind wander, remember, it’s the present, here and now, we wish to be focused on.

Practicing 4 steps to the NowVisit Mother Nature

Spending time in the beautiful outdoors automatically helps you disconnect from daily life. Don’t answer the phone, and gently clear the mind of all the troubles in life. Fresh air and nature bring peace and put you back in touch with your inner being. Read more about Self-reflection while traveling here. Be present and breathe in the fresh air. And in all those moments, there is nothing but serenity. Are you mindful? Mother Nature is mindfulness at its best!

Relaxing and be mindfulIt all sounds so easy to say, I know. We have one life, and it goes fast. Daily stresses can be relieved if you make some effort. Ask yourself often, are you mindful? Take a few deep breaths and focus on the present moment.

Remember, all we have is NOW. When you feel out of control, ask yourself, “Are you Mindful.” To help you, read a few of my Encouraging Life Tips here.

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