Coaching with Cocktails

Coaching with Cocktails Social Networking EventsCoaching with Cocktails-Social Networking Events

Are you always dreaming of being somewhere else, a different life maybe? Do you have all you ever wanted, but something is still missing? Have trouble finding what you are passionate about? Unable to execute a life change? Are you envious of those people that take chances? Have you always wanted to move overseas; how does someone even begin? Is there anything more? How does one change the direction of their career? What does it take to get out of this rut? Would you like to Follow a New Path® in life? Damn, all this pondering and worrying about life makes me thirsty; I need a drink! Welcome to Coaching with Cocktails, social networking events about making life changes.

Follow A New Path Coaching with Cocktail Events

You’re not the only one!

That’s why Eileen, Founder of Follow a New Path®, created Coaching with Cocktails. A social event where you can ask or talk to others about many life subjects. A fun, relaxed atmosphere, a place to share thoughts, listen and hear others speak about assorted topics.

Coaching with Cocktails Social Networking Events

Who can and should attend Coaching with Cocktails social networking events

  • Anyone looking to relax and socialize while curious to hear about steps needed to make life changes.
  • Must be at least 21 years old. ID’s will be checked.

Coaching with Cocktail Social Networking Events

What to expect

  • All Coaching with Cocktails, social networking events are held in fun locations throughout major metropolitan cities.
  • We will have a private room in the bar/restaurant. Immediately you will meet people like yourself, interested in many questions like above.
  • Eileen will greet you and dispense a drink ticket. The bar staff is ready to take your order for a cocktail, glass of wine, or soda. Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive.
  • We will socialize together first, meet some new friends. Beverage service will continue for purchase.
  • About thirty minutes in, the PowerPoint presentation will start. Depending on the event, Eileen will touch upon different subjects. For example, Steps to life-changing decisions. She will share her journey of how she left her twenty-five-year successful career and sold everything to fulfill her dreams of becoming a writer and moving to Paris.
  • Plenty of time for a question-and-answer session at the end. Make sure to exchange numbers and enjoy a cocktail with your new friends going through similar life experiences.

Coaching with Cocktails Social Networking Events

I’m in!

You can purchase tickets through the website or join us on Meetup.

Sign up now, and together we will Follow a New Path®.

Coaching with Cocktails Social Networking Events

About Me

I can offer you some new insight or perspective about making a change in your life, whether it be big and dramatic or minor but impactful. Let’s get together, meet some new people, and have some laughs in an uplifting setting.


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