Is Coaching Right for You?


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 Why would I want or need a Personal or Career Coach? There are many reasons for soliciting the right person to assist you moving forward. Let me clarify some fundamental reasons why Coaching could be right for you.

What is Coaching?

  • You are the expert in your life. Coaching helps you connect to your needs, wants, and goals.
  • Coaching will help you take action to move toward and achieve the life you really want.
  • A Coach helps you review and celebrate successes. Figure out where in life you are not succeeding.
  • Someone who listens, asks questions, and helps raise awareness of problems you may not see.
  • Together, your coach will lay the groundwork for your perfect path to achieve your life goals and dreams.
  • Assists you in gaining confidence while identifying your strengths to achieve your full potential.
  • In Coaching, you are confronted with looking inside as to why you are not moving ahead towards all your dreams and desires.
  • Nothing will change unless you take steps to make those changes.
  • Are you frustrated with how things are but struggling with how to make changes?
  • Coaching will help you reach your highest potential and pinpoint those obstacles holding you back.
  • A Coach will help you shed light on all the possibilities in your life when you are finally ready to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Coaching is 100% Confidential & Non-Judgmental.
  • Coaching is NOT counseling or therapy.
  • It is time to get UNSTUCK and find your inner strengths.
  • If you are ready to do the work and strive to reach your highest potential, Coaching is for you.

Follow a New Path One on One Coaching

Here are some things you can expect to achieve from hiring a Coach:

  • Set, clarify, and maintain a focus on your goals.
  • Hold you accountable – We will not just talk; we will put it into action.
  • Establish solutions & strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Encourage, support & believe in you, even when you may not.
  • There is no magic wand to change. Be ready to do the work.
  • Help you get unstuck and stop heading down the wrong path.
  • Assist you in finding that balance in life so you can stop feeling like a cat chasing its tail.
  • Challenge you. It is time to recognize where you may be holding yourself back.
  • Build Confidence. It’s time to stop thinking you are not good enough or will never succeed.
  • Helps you find clarity so you can live the life of your dreams.
  • A coach will raise your self-awareness and get you moving towards the life of your dreams.

Follow a New Path One on One Coaching

What I expect from you as a Client:

  • To be honest and open (and to tell me when you cannot be.)
  • Be willing to adopt a more positive outlook on yourself and life.
  • You must be ready to be fully accountable for your life, decisions, and actions.
  • A genuine desire to commit and genuinely want to take the steps in making life changes.
  • YOU are responsible for YOUR results. Success is related to your commitment and the effort you make.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and get on the right Path to achieve your goals?

If you are finally ready to stop daydreaming and start achieving all your life goals and ambitions, let me help you get on the right path toward your perfect life.

Together we will get you started with focus and determination to be your best self.  Stop wishing and start achieving all your life ambitions. It is time to:


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