Everyone has Melancholy Days

Everyone has Melancholy Days

Last week was the best week ever! You had a great dinner with friends, all is great with the spouse, your boss gave you a compliment with a holiday bonus, […]

Coaching with Cocktails

Coaching with Cocktails

Coaching with Cocktails-Social Networking Events Are you always dreaming of being somewhere else, a different life maybe? Do you have all you ever wanted, but something is still missing? Have […]

Self Discovery

Weekly check-in It’s essential to check in with ourselves and make sure we are moving our life forward in a positive direction. Daily, life can throw us off course, and […]

Encouraging Life Tips

Encouraging Life Tips by Eileen Callahan of Follow a New Path

Everyone at some point in life could use a bit of motivation and encouraging life tips during the darker times in life. I hope a few of these remind you […]

Steps to Life-Changing Decisions

Eileen Callahan, Certified Coach of Follow A New Path

Decisions are never easy. Life is full of having to make choices. Some are simple: chocolate or vanilla cone. Some are very difficult, I mean change-your-life-magnitude difficult. You can “sleep […]